Moving Heavy Furniture

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professional movers carrying a very heavy armoire up stairs

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Whether you are moving a few pieces or an entire household, if you have heavy items it may be time to call in the professionals.  When my husband, who is not a mover, and his buddies move heavy items up the stairs in our home, I’m a nervous wreck waiting for someone to miss-step or let go and be bulldozed by the heavy desk or armoire they are carrying.  Luckily,  he has escaped bodily injury but the walls bare battle scars, and wall decorations have been damaged.  In comparison, when professional movers, such as No Problem Movers, do the job there are no sore muscles at home, I have piece of mind, and there is no wall, furniture or decor damage.

Reputable professional moving companies have experience navigating large, heavy items through a home.  Experienced professional movers know how to prepare tricky areas, such as curved banisters, to ensure there is no damage to your home or the item they are moving.  Professional movers have the strength and knowledge it requires to safely move your heavy items.

There is a difference between the low rate moving companies you find advertised on Craigslist and an established, reputable, licensed moving company.  No Problem Movers has been serving San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and the surrounding areas for 35 years.  Fully licensed and insured, No Problem Movers has the experience it takes to successfully move your large heavy items.